All applicants for a permit to carry must demonstrate knowledge of proper firearms handling through:

  • A handgun safety course available to the public and offered by law enforcement, community college, college, private or public institutions or organizations, or firearms training school utilizing instructors certified by Department of Public Safety (DPS)-equivalent in another state, or the National Rifle Association (NRA).
  • A handgun safety training course offered for security guards, investigators, special deputies, or any division or subdivision of a law enforcement or security enforcement agency approved by DPS.
  • An NRA handgun safety training course
  • Small arms training in the U.S. Armed forces
  • Peace officer certification that has occurred within the year prior to the application or expiration of a current permit.

The training must have been obtained within the past two years.

Instructor Information

Be wary of instruction unless it is verified that the instructor(s) is properly trained and certified and that the class contains adequate information to meet the training requirements.

While the permit will not be limited to particular weapons, it is important that a permit holder be competent to handle each weapon that is planned to be carried. A responsible trainer will be able to test your abilities with each weapon.

We do not endorse any instructor, but we do have a list of available resources in the area if needed.