Water Testing

Test Kits are Available Here

Water testing is available through the Dubuque County Health Department. Pick up a test kit today that meets all your home and/or business needs!

Test kit prices are listed. Don’t see the test you’re looking for? Give us a call and we will work with the Iowa State Hygienic Lab to order additional testing kits upon request. 

All completed test kits are mailed to the Iowa State Hygienic Lab except for Coliform Bacteria/E-coli, which is tested right here in our lab! Coliform Bacteria/E-coli test kits and paperwork can be submitted to the Dubuque County Health Department Monday – Thursday from 8AM – 4:15PM. 

The Dubuque County Health Department is also able to offer FREE water testing for PRIVATE WELL owners in Dubuque County through the Grants to Counties Program. One visit from our Department staff and your well will be tested for Coliform/E-coli, Nitrate, Arsenic, and Manganese at no cost to you! Call today to schedule your free water test and learn more about the program.

We can test your water (JPG)

Water Testing Kit prices are as follows:

  • Coliform Bacteria/E-coli- $20
  • Nitrate- $30
  • Arsenic Only Test- $30
  • Manganese Only Test- $30
  • Arsenic/Manganese Combined Test- $50
  • Lead Test- $30
  • Iron Test- $30
  • Sulfate Test- $30
  • Sulfide Test- $30
  • Fluoride Test- $30
  • Hardness- $30
  • Total Dissolved Solids- $30
  • Total Suspended Solids- $30