Well & Septic Permits

If interested in a well or septic permit, please print all respective documents, complete, and sign. All checks can be made out to the Dubuque County Treasurer.  Remit to:

Dubuque County Health Department
1225 Seippel Rd.
Dubuque, IA 52002

Both septic and well permits expire after one year.
Do NOT start installation until payment has been received.


  • Well permit - $150
  • Septic permit - If replacing a secondary treatment field - $150
  • Septic permit - If replacing a distribution box - $50
  • Septic permit - If replacing a holding tank - $50


Perc Tests

Please note: a perc test is require for all new septic systems. 

Perc tests can be done through:

Buesing & Associates Surveyors
1212 Locust Street, Dubuque, Iowa 52001

O.A. Technical Services
4744 202nd Street, Cascade, IA 52033

Origin Design
4155 Pennsylvania Avenue, Dubuque, Iowa 52002

Contractor Rules and Regulations After Septic Installation

You are required to call the Dubuque County Health Department 563-557-7396 24 hours before the start of installation. Our environmental specialist will inspect onsite if schedule permits. The contractor is responsible for submitting digital pictures (septic tank, distribution box and runs of septic fields) and a detailed sketch (with dimensions from the structure) within ten days of completion of the system to the Dubuque County Health Department. The Health Department is located at 1225 Seippel Rd.,  Dubuque, Iowa 52002

Grants to Counties

Grants to Counties can reimburse Dubuque County residents for the following work related to wells in the county.

  • Well closures/Plugging up to $500
  • Cistern plugging up to $300
  • Well Reconstruction up to $1,000
  • Well shocking/chlorination only for flooded wells up to $300

Submittal of the required Iowa DNR forms and the paid invoice of the work completed is needed in order to receive reimbursement.