Once the property is correctly zoned, the property owner must decide if a new Plat is necessary to continue with the project. If a new Plat is needed, there are guidelines available in the Planning and Zoning office to get things started. Begin by contacting a Surveyor who is licensed in the State of Iowa. Then, determine if the Plat is going to be a simple, minor or major subdivision.

Plats Must Be Recorded

All Plats must be recorded in the Recorder’s Office or they will not be valid. If a Plat expires, a new survey and all-new signature pages are required.

Simple Plat

A Simple Plat is generally the first split of a 40-acre parcel. This Plat requires the fewest signatures and may be completed in approximately 30 days.

  • Application Fee: $50

Minor Subdivision

A Minor Subdivision has two or more lots, but does not contain any streets, right-of-ways, or require the construction of any public improvements.

A Minor Subdivision requires a meeting with the County Zoning Board and possibly the County Health Board. If the property is within a two-mile radius of a City, the Plat may need to be approved by the City Council and have a Resolution attached with the signature pages. All of the required signatures except the Board of Supervisors, Recorder, and Auditor must be on the Plat before being returned to the Planning and Zoning Office. A Resolution is prepared for final approval by the Board of Supervisors. This process takes approximately 60 to 90 days to complete.

  • Application Fee for Minor Subdivision: $160 through $225

Major Subdivision

A Major Subdivision has two or more lots and contains streets, rights-of-way or requires the construction of public improvements. A Pre-Platting conference is required by calling the Planning and Zoning office. You will meet with the County Engineer, Health Administrator, Surveyor of your choice and Plats Officer to review plans for the Subdivision. Any concerns by these department heads will be addressed at that time.

The Plat will then need to be approved by the Zoning Board, the Health Board and the City (if within 2 miles of a participating City) before going to the County Board of Supervisors as a Preliminary Plat.

The Final Plat is then taken to the Zoning Board and Health Board, but must also go to the Road Naming Committee (if there is a platted road) and the City, if within their two-mile jurisdiction. All of the required signatures, except the Board of Supervisors, Recorder and Auditor must be on the Plat before being presented to the Board of Supervisors for their final approval. This process may take anywhere from 90 to 180 days or more, depending on any problems that may arise during the process.

  • Application Fee: Varies

Plat Documents