First, the parcel must be in the proper zoning district for the intended use. If the property is not zoned correctly, the property owner is given a rezoning application to fill out and return. The Zoning Board meets the third Tuesday of each month; therefore, the application must be received at least 20 days before the scheduled Public Hearing. Property owners within 500 feet of the property are notified regarding the proposed zoning change and are invited to a Public Hearing. Notice is also published in all three county newspapers.

Public Hearing

At the Public Hearing, information is presented regarding the proposed zoning change. Written or verbal comments are made part of the Public Record. Anyone present is asked to come before the Board to address their concerns or ask any additional questions they may have. After all of the information is presented, the Zoning Board makes an official recommendation, which they forward to the Board of Supervisors.

Board of Supervisors Meeting

Approximately one month later, after the notice is published in the county newspapers and the property owners are once again notified, a Public Hearing is held by the Board of Supervisors. The Zoning request is presented and any concerns by the neighboring property owners are heard. The Board of Supervisors will make the final determination whether the zoning will be changed or not. If the property is approved for rezoning, it is published in all three county newspapers and the Official Zoning Map is changed. This process may take anywhere from 60 to 90 days, or even longer, given any unusual circumstances.

Application Fee: $250

Rezoning Applications & Instructions