After the property has been properly Zoned and Platted, you are ready to start the building process. A new structure must meet the setback requirements for that parcel’s zoning district. A current list of the setback requirements is available in the Planning and Zoning office. If the building will not meet the setback requirements for one or more of the front, side or rear yards, a Variance application must be submitted to the Board of Adjustment for their approval.

A Variance can only be requested for a hardship due to literal enforcement of the provisions of this Ordinance, not to seek special privileges.

Public Hearing

Property owners within 200 feet of the parcel requiring a Variance are notified of a Public Hearing. They are invited to come and speak either for or against the request. After all of the information is presented and everyone has an opportunity to be heard, the Board of Adjustment makes a final decision whether to allow or not allow the Variance. If the Variance is allowed, a Decision of the Board of Adjustment is prepared for the property owners to sign in the presence of a Notary. If the Variance is not allowed, changes will need to be made regarding the proposed building on the lot.  This process normally takes 30-60 days.

Application Fee: $150 (plus the cost of certified letters and recording fee)


If you have any questions, please feel free to call the Zoning Office at 563-589-7827.

Application & Specifications