Passport Applications

Items Needed for Passport Application

  1. Certified copy of your birth certificate

    Available from the county/state in which you were born
    Must be a certified copy (i.e. must have a raised seal)

  2. One 2 by 2-inch passport photo
    The photo must be in color - front view of applicant
    Vending machine photos will not be accepted

  3. Current photo ID
    Driver’s license or other government-issued ID
    Dubuque Driver’s License Bureau: 583-9844

  4. Payment in two checks
    $35 to “Dubuque County Treasurer”
    $130 ($100 for applicants under 16) to “US Department of State”

  5. Information regarding parents:
    Dates of birth
    Mother’s and father’s birth names
    Places of birth

  6. Emergency contact information:
    Phone number

Underage Applicants

  • For applicants age 15 and under: Both parents must accompany the child during application and have a Photo ID
  • For applicants aged 16 or 17: Recommended that a parent accompany and have a Photo ID in order to sign permission on the application

For expedited passports, check the website