Sunnycrest Manor

Front of Sunnycrest

Home is where the heart is and the resident is at the heart of our home.

Sunnycrest Manor is a long term care facility overlooking the Mississippi River on the bluffs of Dubuque, Iowa. It is supported by the citizens of Dubuque County and serves residents with financial need who require the assistance of a nursing facility (NF), and skilled and ICF/ID (Intermediate Care Facility for the Intellectually Disabled) levels of care. 

If you are interested in admissions into Sunnycrest Manor for you or your loved one, email Anne Kauder or call at 563-583-1781.


It took me a while to resolve the fact that I need to live in a nursing home.  Now, I’ve come to realize this is the ONLY place I want to live.  They keep me active, assist me when I need help, and allow me freedom.  I’m able to go out on my own, and I have freedom of choice daily. I choose when I want to rest, what I want to eat, what activities I want to partake in and more.  I LOVE Sunnycrest!

Diane Rondeau, Past Resident, and Past Resident Council President

The staff welcomes you with open arms and you become part of their family! 

- Sally Frick, Volunteer

Volunteers at Sunnycrest Center