History & Mission

HistoryHistorical Sunnycrest Manor

Sunnycrest was originally built as a Tuberculosis (TB) sanatorium in 1917 and was eventually converted into a geriatric care facility under the name of “Dubuque County Nursing Home” in 1959. An addition to the facility was constructed in 1968. The facility name was changed back to “Sunnycrest” Manor in 1976. In 1980, Sunnycrest opened the Sunrise Intermediate Care Facilities and Intellectual Disabilities (ICF)/(ID) unit, becoming one of the first community-based intermediate care facilities for persons with intellectual disabilities. In 2001, Sunnycrest Manor implemented the “Home and Heart” program that has become a model example of nursing home culture change.

Photo courtesy of the Center for Dubuque History, Loras College

Our Mission

The mission of Sunnycrest Manor is to promote quality of life while providing quality care to each individual that resides in our facility. We promote quality of life by embracing a resident-centered model of care in which you feel a sense of belonging to a caring community where you can achieve life satisfaction in the programs and services of daily life offered by Sunnycrest.

Resident-centered care honors your life long preferences, patterns, and life styles. We support your individuality by honoring choices that promote your freedom and independence. Some good examples are preferences in bathing, dining, waking and activities.


Sunnycrest is truly like home. - Bonnie Ferguson, who resides at Sunnycrest

Is this Heaven?  No, it’s Sunnycrest! - Mary Ellen Kueper, who lived at Sunnycrest for several years