2018 Falcons

Close Up of Mother Falcon Feeding Baby Falcons 2

The falcons have returned in 2018.  As of April 11, Mom and Dad are tending 4 little red eggs.  The 2018 Falcon Photo Gallery details events from eggs to flight.

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Notable Moments

  • March 14: Live streaming of the nest begins
  • April 4: The first red falcon egg was laid
  • April 6: The second red falcon egg was laid
  • April 8: The third red falcon egg was laid
  • April 11: The fourth red falcon egg was laid
  • May 13: The first hatch occurred early morning - female
  • May 14: The second hatch occurred at 7:07 am to female. Eggs 3 and 4 were not viable
  • June 4: Both new females were banded
  • June 12: The little ones take flight.

Difference Between the Mother & Father Falcon

The female is larger. The male also has research bands on his legs. You may notice some white eggs in the early gallery photos of the nest. It is unlikely that these are from a falcon. The red eggs are the falcon eggs.