Inmate Money

Procedures & Rules

  1. All money in your possession at the time of booking will be placed in the inmate trust fund under your name.
  2. During your incarceration you will be allowed to buy commissary items. The amount you spend will be deducted from your inmate trust account.
  3. At the time of your release from jail, the balance in your account will be returned to you in the form of a debit card. Any money owed to the jail will be taken from your account prior to issuing you the funds.
  4. Money may be deposited to an inmate’s account by cash or credit card by depositing money at the jail lobby, via phone or internet.
    • Internet- Money may be deposited by going to Access Corrections WebsiteAccess Corrections
    • Lobby- Money may be deposited at the kiosk in the lobby of the
      Dubuque Law Enforcement Center located at:
      770 Iowa Street
      Dubuque IA 52001
    • Phone- Money may be deposited to an inmate’s account by dialing 866-345-1884.
    • Cash, checks or money orders sent via the mail will not be placed on an inmate’s account without prior approval of jail administration.
  5. Money may be released for the following reasons only:
    • Attorney fees
    • To pay your own fines
    • To post your own bond
    • (Money to be released for any other reason other than those listed above must be approved by jail administration)
  6. Money or property will not be transferred to another inmate
  7. Inmates are not allowed to have money in their possession at any time.