COVID-19 Vaccine Information

Thanks for your interest in getting vaccinated for COVID-19.  It's very important that we all get vaccinated for COVID-19 as soon as possible.  Unfortunately, there currently is not enough COVID-19 vaccine available for the general public to get vaccinated right now.

Dubuque County Public Health is following the directive of the state health department to first vaccinate all health care workers. Residents and staff at long-term care facilities are also currently being vaccinated.  While we are still working to vaccinate this "Phase 1a" group, we are also waiting for further guidance from the state health department on what the next priority groups will be in phases 1b and 1c, and when we can start vaccinating them. 

We appreciate your patience.  As vaccine supplies increase and more information is available, you will be able to find more details and timelines here. 

For information on Dubuque County vaccine allocations to date, please click the link below and select “Vaccine Administration.” This data will be updated by the Iowa Department of Public Health every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.