Voting with Disabilities


All polling places in Iowa are accessible for all voters. This includes voting area, parking lots, walkways, and building entrances.

    Voting with Assistance: If you need help marking your ballot, you may have someone assist you or you can ask the precinct election officials for help. Also, each polling place has a ballot marking device called the OpenElect FVT. Voters can watch a demonstration of this device here.  This device features a touch screen, an audio component, and/or sip and puff element to mark your ballot. It also lets voters review and change their vote before the ballot is printed.

    Curbside Voting: Voters who are unable to enter the polling place may vote curbside. Precinct officials will come to your car and let you mark the ballot.


When you vote in Dubuque County, you receive a paper ballot to mark your choices by filling in the target next to each of your selections. Once your ballot is complete, it is inserted into a tabulator for counting.

Additional information can be found on the Iowa Secretary of States website.