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The flu vaccine and the Covid-19 vaccine are made to protect against the viruses believed to be likely to cause disease in the upcoming season. The new RSV vaccine is recommended for those 60 and older and protects against lower respiratory tract disease. RSV can be especially serious for older adults with chronic medical conditions, weakened immune symptoms and live in nursing homes. The RSV vaccine is a single dose, not intended to given annually at this time. If the consent you receive includes a space for the RSV, your resident meets the age requirement and we have already obtained an order from their physician. All of these vaccines may be safely given at the same time as other vaccines; however, we do not intend to give them at the same time. 

Please review the following informational sheets from the CDC and Pfizer. If you have questions or concerns, contact any one of our nurse managers directly at:

Toni Healey RN, Infection Preventionist, 563-690-3533,            

Tammy Kiernan RN, Director of Nursing, 563-690-3531

Madi Frith RN, Director of Nursing, 563-690-3546

Marni Schmit LPN, Nurse Manager, 563-690-3530

Marilyn Thoma RN, Nurse Manager, 563-690-3544

Influenza Vaccination Information Statement

RSV Vaccination Information Statement

Covid-19 Comirnaty Information From Pfizer