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Dubuque Drug Task Force

Office 563-583-4789

The Dubuque Drug Task Force (DDTF) is a combination of members of the Dubuque County Sheriff’s Office and the Dubuque Police Department. The DDTF is responsible for enforcing the narcotics laws in the State of Iowa for both prescription medications and illegal narcotics. The DDTF is also tasked with enforcing weapons violations and prostitution laws.

The Dubuque Drug Task Force works closely with State and Federal Agencies as well as Agencies from Wisconsin, Illinois and throughout the United States in the fight against illegal drug activity in the Tri-State area.

Citizens can call the DDTF with drug information and remain anonymous.

Community Involvement Is Key To Our Success

The Dubuque Drug Task Force recommends the following Internet Sites when looking for information in reference to Drugs.